Refresh your mind.

  • 7 easy steps to a calmer you
  • 5 min daily routines to check in with and process your emotions
  • Stress less, sleep better, stay balanced

Step 1:
Check in with yourself

What’s the first step to a clearer mind? To decide how you feel… Research has shown that when you label the emotion you are experiencing, it allows emotional processing to start, helping you feel better! Remember, there is no such thing as a bad emotion, they’re all just temporary.

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Step 2:
Take a breather

Slow, smooth breathing is the quickest and easiest way to calm your stress response and activate your rest and relax system in just a few seconds. You will use the "belly breath" technique in a 5 count breathing pattern (this might even help boost your immune system!)

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Step 3:
Let go of your worries

This is your moment to unclutter your mind and release any thoughts or feelings you’re experiencing. Different questions are given for different emotions and it’s 100% private. Journaling activates the computing side of your brain which helps calm the emotional centre, further helping you gain more clarity. Once completed, you’ll burn it all away by setting fire to the screen. Let that sh*t go!

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Step 4:
Reframe with gratitude

Get your happy hormones flowing by writing a gratitude list. This part of the routine is about focusing on the positive as it’s easy to forget the good things in our lives (especially when we’re stressed or anxious).
“It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters." - Epictetus.

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Step 5:
Mindful distractions

It’s now time for a quick mindful mini-game that changes daily and helps you get your zen on. From art therapy to quick focus challenges, all of these activities have been designed to disrupt your thinking and bring you back to feeling more balanced.

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Step 6:
Compassion / Challenge

Find more daily perspective through compassion exercises and mini challenges. Enjoy a dose of dopamine and a boost to self esteem!

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Step 7:
Make someone else feel good

Studies show that those who think of others are often happier. This is your moment to make someone’s day by sending them a Vibe “thinking of you moment”. No matter how we feel, we always have the power to make someone else feel better.

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Meditation… with a difference

  • Hundreds of themed sessions for every situation from work-stress to heartbreak
  • Guided visuals to help ease your worries away
  • Mindful games to distract and de-stress
  • Over 150+ easy-listening sound experiences
"It's kind of crazy that something simple like breathing can help so much."
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Happy Not Perfect

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