LIMITED EDITION: Emotional Baggage Tee


Our Emotional Baggage tee is a thick, long-sleeved cotton tee designed to put a little bit of 'Happy Not Perfect' in your everyday life. It references the classic design of the New York takeaway bags . It's comfy, it's stylish - we know you'll love it.  

Important Details:

- Pure, cotton, long-sleeved tee

- Sizes: S, M, L, XL

- Unisex fit

What's the Tee
We know, it’s just a tee, but the truth is, it’s a great tee. Thick, stylish and utterly trendy. We know you’ll love it.
Emotional Baggage
... Does the design seem a bit familiar? That's because we were inspired by the iconic New York takeaway plastic bags that you get from your favourite neighbourhood ramen spot. We changed it up a bit though to highlight the importance of letting go of all the bullsh*t that you've been carrying around. No more emotional baggage for us, thank you very much. 
Spread the Word
As you know, community is all important to us at HNP – we really are trying to help build a more supportive mental wellness world and getting the word out there is step one. By wearing a Happy Not Perfect tee you are helping spread the message, so put one on and join the movement.