Alex Johnson

Production Assistant

Animal you identify with: A fat lazy house cat that belongs to someone rich in the body of a regular housecat that has to do work.

If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world, what would it be? Consider things from a human perspective more often.

What is your biggest struggle, and what do you do to work on it? Self. Discipline. I have to plan out every little step of every bit of progress I want to achieve because I'm such a natural sloth. 

What is your happiness hack? I have a "feelgood" playlist that I like to wake up to and I keep a nice clean smelling fragrance with me and put it on when I need a boost.

Recommended read: My favorite quick and entertaining read is Valley Of The Dolls, my favorite book of substance is The Joy Luck Club and I'll stop here because I could go on.

Recommended listen: Snap Judgement Podcast, Tyler The Creator's Tiny Desk Concert.

Recommended place to visit: Havana, Cuba - the people there are amazing and wifi is scarce - a perfect setup for great conversations. 

On a Sunday morning, we’ll find you… Reading in bed.