Dr. Belisa Vranich

Breathing Coach

Animal you identify with: Dragon.

If you could give one piece of advice to every single person in the world, what would it be?
Have fun, most of what you worry about doesn’t matter in the long run.

What is your happiness hack?
Animal videos – I can watch them forever. Dogs, cats, raccoons, rabbits…you name it.

What’s your biggest struggle, and what do you do to work on it?
Making time to be social. Sleep often wins out…

Recommended read:
Don’t lets go to the dogs tonight, by Alexandra Fuler about a little British girl growing up in war-torn Africa.

Recommended listen:
Any old punk rock, salsa or country.

Recommended place to visit:
Central Park – no matter how many times I walk through it I fall in love with New York City over and over (but please don’t ride the carriage horses, they are unhappy and belong in pastures, not cities).

On a Sunday morning, we’ll find you...
On my incredibly tiny terrace, drinking a very strong espresso with a to-do list that is way too long for one day.