Mind & Body Mood
Mindful Rituals
RITUALS: Humans are forgetful. We’re not perfect deliverers on the good intentions we set for ourselves. We need to be reminded, and reminded agai...
Mind & Body Mood
Fast fixes for anxiety
HNP Guide to: Anxiety - 4 Fast Fixes for When Anxiety Strikes There’s no other way to say it, anxiety sucks. It takes over your whole body and ...
  10 STEPS TO GETTING THROUGH A BREAKUP Heartbreak is possibly one of the most BRUTAL experiences we all go through. It’s just like having a broken...
H N P Aromatherapy
Sniff Your Way To Better Sleep And A Calmer Mind We all know self-care is important, but there might be one area you’re overlooking in your self-car...
What is "Happiness"
‘What is happiness?’ is a difficult question – one that’s almost nigh on impossible to answer with any real clarity. Ask a hundred people what...
Heartbreak.... Why is it so painful?
Heartbreaks are achingly familiar to many of us: the anguish of parting ways with someone who once formed an central part in your life; the inability ...
Mind & Body Mood
Creating a wellbeing 101 checklist
We’ve all had them. The days where things just aren't going our way, and for whatever reason, the world around us seems intent on providing endless ...
Mind & Body Mood
Happier in 10 Steps
How happy are you? Maybe it depends on your definition of happiness. Maybe you’re great already. If so: well done! Maybe there are some very legit r...
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