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A beginner's guide to... ego management
A beginner’s guide to... ego management Ego: little word, big associations – and ones that aren’t wholly positive. (Kanye referring to his junk...
Mind & Body Mood
Fast fixes for anxiety
HNP Guide to: Anxiety - 4 Fast Fixes for When Anxiety Strikes There’s no other way to say it, anxiety sucks. It takes over your whole body and ...
H N P Aromatherapy
Sniff Your Way To Better Sleep And A Calmer Mind We all know self-care is important, but there might be one area you’re overlooking in your self-car...
  10 STEPS TO GETTING THROUGH A BREAKUP Heartbreak is possibly one of the most BRUTAL experiences we all go through. It’s just like having a broken...
What is "Happiness"
‘What is happiness?’ is a difficult question – one that’s almost nigh on impossible to answer with any real clarity. Ask a hundred people what...
Heartbreak.... Why is it so painful?
Heartbreaks are achingly familiar to many of us: the anguish of parting ways with someone who once formed an central part in your life; the inability ...
Mind & Body Mood
Creating a wellbeing 101 checklist
We’ve all had them. The days where things just aren't going our way, and for whatever reason, the world around us seems intent on providing endless...
Mind & Body Mood
Happier in 10 Steps
How happy are you? Maybe it depends on your definition of happiness. Maybe you’re great already. If so: well done! Maybe there are some very legit r...
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