Growth in Chaos: Finding The Opportunity for Spiritual Growth By Cristina Lopez

Posted on 3/18/20

It can be difficult for us to comprehend in these times of uncertainty, but there are opportunities for growth in chaos. Our lives can feel chaotic through both our external and our internal world.  We can experience unfortunate events on a daily basis, and allow them to have a profound effect on our well-being if we don’t respond with conscious awareness.


The Opportunity for Growth in Chaos - Choose your Vibration 


I was pulled to write this blog post as a reminder based on the current events, humanity is now facing due to the pandemic. 

It is essential to understand the profound negative effects that anger and fear can have on our energetic fields.  If we are stuck in this lower vibration, we carry this negativity out into a world that is in desperate need of compassion and unconditional love. 


As an executive & performance coach, my craft focuses on bridging the gap between neuroscience & spirituality. I wanted to focus these words on giving you toolkits to help you own the difficult game of perception whenever you feel your internal dialogue is affecting your emotional state.  It’s incredibly valuable to remember that you can use these toolkits at any time and use this guidance to help you to find opportunities for spiritual growth in chaos.  

We are influenced by multiple variables and can be easily triggered by what we have learned.  Throughout life, we store and remember what has allowed us to survive through past experiences & our learned emotional responses to both positive & negative events.  Although at times useful, this doesn’t serve us to always live in our highest vibration. 

What do I mean by Highest Vibration? 

We, as humans are all energetic beings that operate on different vibrational frequencies depending on our emotional state. We are also constantly (both consciously & unconsciously)  responding to other people’s energy fields. This, in turn, can affect our own vibration in both positive & negative ways, depending on how we perceive and choose to respond to this energy. 

Which is why at this given time, we can’t fall into the pandemic of the induced fear due to the uncertainty we are now facing as a collective. 

Here is a little meditation to raise your vibration right now. 


The Science of Vibration 


Our world as we see it is made of vibrating particles & energy. The speed of these vibrations are what make things appear as solid, liquid and gas. Coherence is the scientific principle that explains the clarity of these vibrations which in turn create signals to which we respond to. 

All energy that we are exposed to contains a certain frequency and with that frequency - information. With regard to how our body responds, on a cellular level, all the energy that we are exposed to causes a signal between our body & brain. This is happening constantly as we operate in our own individual reality. 

When we are exposed to incoherent signals, less light and information are exchanged between cells which causes a corresponding change in frequency. This frequency change is often more matter and less energy. Because there is less energy, our cells then get impacted in their biological functions which can lead to illness, disease and have profound effects on our overall well-being if we allow ourselves to operate from this state of being & stay in a lower frequency for too long. 

So, now let me give you some magical toolkits to help you operate from your highest frequency and find your own personal growth in chaos.  

 We will focus on victimizing thought patterns, and questions that we can reframe to rewire your body & mind and in turn boost your energetic field.  


Theme: Answering your Why’s: 


“Why is this happening to me? Why is the world in chaos? Why is humanity failing us? Why? Why? Why?” 

Toolkit 1: Living the question - Reframe the Why 

Reframe these bold statements to questions that your own intuition can answer for you. You are a powerful being with your own unique gifts. 

Ask yourself:   “Can I let go of my need to know ‘why’ and just allow myself to feel powerless?”

Live the question in your most natural essence. This will allow you to seek deeper meaning & higher vision.  This higher vision can help you find clarity and see the opportunity for growth within the chaos.  

Express gratitude and thank yourself as answers come to you. Sometimes we must simply live the question. This will not only give you clarity but also help you enjoy your own personal transformation. Holding onto resistance will only cause more pain & fear. 

When is the last time you spoke to yourself? 

Toolkit 2: Be your own Teacher 


If you are feeling like the victim due to external circumstances, it’s easy to feel like the world and your people are against you. Honey, we are with you but we can’t help you when you are in your mind so let’s do this…

“Why is this happening to me?” should be replaced with: “What is this trying to teach me?”  

Allow the lesson to make itself known to you, and surrender if it doesn’t feel obvious straight away. Only you can cause this shift in circumstance and be your own teacher. 

Toolkit 3:  Play Catch with the Unwanted 

When it comes to belief systems, we can get tangled up in stories and emotions that we don’t want. The opportunity for growth in chaos exists once you start realizing that you are complaining about your reality; that you are talking, thinking and acting negatively about situations, politics, the world or people. The best way to break living in this lower frequency is to catch it as soon as you realize you’re falling into a negative emotion. 

We need to work together to talk less about things we don’t want.  Your reality will respond to this negative information, so now we play a new game of catch.

 Stage 1 of Catch: Catch the negative things you say - stop fuelling an unwanted reality & emotional state. 

Stop it! RIGHT NOW! 

Stage 2 of Catch: Catch the negative thought once you stop saying it. 

How do you do this? Laugh it off and observe how you are bringing your “self” or your reality down - don’t resist this thought, it’s there, but it’s not representing who you are in your essence. 

Observe this shift. It’s really fun. 

Stage 3 of Catch: The resolution

The satisfaction of catching yourself will immediately slow the vibration of the negative emotion and thought patterns and shift your focus onto your next thought. 

As you train yourself to catch your “self”, you will realize your power through conscious awareness & understand that you are the creator of your own reality & perception. 

Own your Reality 

To conclude, I would like to finish with this: Whenever you feel like you are acting out in erratic or disruptive ways and seeing the world through a chaotic lens, take the opportunity to tune into what is chaotic within you and how this could be contributing to this chaotic volatility. You always have the choice to channel your energy for the well-being of yourself & others.

Own your reality. 

You are beyond everything you believe about yourself. You are a powerful & expansive human. I bow to you and your gifts. 

Now, go make this life happen in accordance with your truth. 

I love you. 

About the Author: 

Cristina Lopez is an executive & performance coach. Cristina uses brain-based methods & extensively studies the neuroscience of leadership. She has coached leading business executives, social media influencers, & tech founders in Madrid, London, NY & San Francisco. Her goal is to bridge the gap between science & spirituality to improve performance & overall well-being.