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Why can't I meditate?

Posted on 3/03/18

Meditation has become quite the buzzword. It does wonders for the mind! While it can dramatically improve our mental state and overall wellbeing, many of us have found that it doesn't fit into our day to day lives. Maybe we feel like we're doing it wrong, making it even harder to do, or perhaps we just can't sit still long enough to do it.

Like most things in life, meditation works to the extent that you do...but what if you just can’t make it work? What if your mind is overactive and you can’t focus? We’ve been there and know the struggle. The remedy? Something that has all the benefits of meditating without actually having to “meditate” or “sit still and think nothing”. 

We’re guessing you already know that meditation is good for you. You’ve heard about the long list of awesome benefits (such as a calmer mind, a stronger immune system, control over stress and anxiety, better quality of sleep, improved concentration and focus). And you probably DO believe that meditation might actually make you feel better… But you don’t know how do it the right way. Maybe you’ve even sat down a couple times and tried really hard NOT to think, only to get frustrated or feel like you can’t stop the thoughts from coming. These feelings are not uncommon! We LOVE the benefits of meditating, but since we don’t love sitting in pure silence without direction, we came up with an alternative. We asked ourselves:

How can we make meditation NOT feel like work you need to do? How can we make it easy, fun and actually doable, without you having to feel like you’ve failed at “doing nothing”? 

We decided to create sessions on our Happy Not Perfect app to offer you the benefits of meditation, without having to sit in - gasp - silence! We make it extremely simple and guide you through what to think about or focus on. Sounds easy enough, right? We promise, it really is!

Find your five minutes of peace, and choose out of 50+ guided Meditate sessions based on your mood, situation and time. Choose a one-off exercise, or start a seven day series for:



How it works

We’ve taken science backed research and designed ways to guide you to different states of mental wellbeing. You’ll get your happiness hormones flowing in just a few minutes and get in touch with your mind and body. Our experts guide you through each step, so you don’t need to worry about what you “should or shouldn’t” be thinking. We’ve already done all the work for you.

The result? You’ll feel zen AF.

Ready for increased confidence or epic happiness? Need to heal heartbreak or finally want a good night’s sleep? Look no further than our HNP app. Just give it a go and notice what happens! You’ll undoubtedly experience a positive shift in your mindset, without even “trying”. We want you to feel equipped to conquer whatever it is you’re going through at the moment, so we designed these sessions to help you get there with ease.

Download the free Happy Not Perfect app here and get started!

Your busy mind will thank you for it.