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Conversations & Research

Keys to Life: Releasing Restrictions
Deciding the course of your life is like choosing a show to watch on your favorite streaming platform. It’s ok to entertain almost anything for a trailer-length amount of time, but you must be clear with yourself about what you are willing to inve...
Lost Contact
We have a problem, Houston…. ______ Our ability to function in a state of true contact with another being, be it human, animal or earth itself has atrophied for far too many citizens of this planet. We are witnessing the results of this loss o...
Your Heart is the Medicine
Do you find yourself exhausted or overwhelmed in a world gone suddenly upside down? Perhaps you wake up in the morning after what seems to you like a reasonable night’s sleep and still feel as though you are out of energy, out of balance and out o...
IC You
All familiar orientation is gone. Many have lost their ground in this time of crisis and feel adrift in a sea of unpredictability and uncertainty. The world we knew has suddenly and dramatically altered. Every day we are bombarded with more question...
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