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Mood Social Science
How to help a friend dealing with depression
Fun, vibrancy, joy, playfulness, warmth… the ‘black dog’ of depression can snatch away some of your friends’ greatest qualities. The reasons, in many instances, that you developed a bond in the first place. It can be heartbreaking to watch s...
Mood Social
September is the new January: The HNP guide to rituals
News just in: you needn’t be an ultra-spiritual, sage-smudging, alt-wellness aficionado to be someone who harnesses the power of rituals to get what you want. They can be whatever you want them to be and are, essentially, ways of creating small, p...
Do you have a problem with ‘kneecapping?’ How to nix apologetic language from your life
‘Just’, ‘sorry’, ‘I was wondering if…’ Do the above pepper your emails? Well, then you might be ‘kneecapping’ – a term coined by Instagrammer @rosaspeaks. It means littering your vocab with modifiers, things that soften the m...
Mind & Body Social Science
Can you manifest your dream life? These are the myths and truths of the practice...
What do you want? The corner office and a paycheck to match? To be in a relationship with someone who understands you no matter what? A mind as chill as a New York winter? What if anything you desired could be yours – all you needed was to think, ...
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