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From 'real men' to good men
Describe in 3 words what you think makes a 'real man'. Go on, do it. You fit well into the main western cultural narrative if you described someone who competes for dominance. This is a quest that has rules, mostly tacit, which forbid showing signs o...
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Fast fixes for anxiety
HNP Guide to: Anxiety - 4 Fast Fixes for When Anxiety Strikes There’s no other way to say it, anxiety sucks. It takes over your whole body and mind, leaving you feeling depleted, helpless and paralyzed - which is why we put together 4 Fast Fix...
Mind & Body
Mind First
MIND FIRST A high-pitched frequency jolts you into a daze. It’s time to get up. You open one eye, successfully identify the area you need to tap to make it stop and indulge in 9 minutes of negotiation with yourself before the dreaded sound and vi...
Can H N P really make you happier?
Put simply, yes. Your levels of happiness and wellbeing are shaped by your unique set of brain circuits, and your brain circuits can be changed. Circuits in the brain are like plastic and can be shaped and molded by your thoughts, actions, interactio...
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