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Sitting Still by Frank Vogt
Many positive evolutions throughout human history were set in motion in times of crises and difficulty. Technical advances made during different phases of the Bubonic plague changed the world in profound ways. In 1665, Isaac Newton was sent home fro...
Growth in Chaos: Finding The Opportunity for Spiritual Growth By Cristina Lopez
It can be difficult for us to comprehend in these times of uncertainty, but there are opportunities for growth in chaos. Our lives can feel chaotic through both our external and our internal world.  We can experience unfortunate events on a daily b...
A Beginners Guide to Self-Care - Without the Fluff By: Aly Marie Kruppenbacher
Self-Care is defined by Oxford (and google) as “the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.” In many ways, you may read that definition and say, “I do that. I take care of myself.” But I’d like to take a moment...
Social Science
Put The Pen Down - Will's Guide To Living In The Moment
The other day while teaching a yoga class in New York City, I asked my students to ‘bend your knees, let your tailbone drop, and slooowly breathe yourself up to stand. rolling up the spine allowing the head, arm and shoulders to stay heavy…etc...
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