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Yes, Gratitude Is More Than a Buzzword. Here’s Why...
If the word ‘gratitude’ has popped up as a hashtag in the captions of one-too-many Valencia-filtered sunset shots for you to take seriously, then hear this: There is a lot more to the G-word than its association with golden hour vacation Instagr...
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3 Ways To Nurture a Mind-Body Connection That Will Make You Feel Next-Level
Certain moments you experience as someone whose pursuit of health is shaped by the Western medical model can make it seem like your mind and body are as separate entities as the Kardashian-Jenner clan and introversion. Like that time you went to y...
Be Honest: Are You Always In A Rush?
From ‘hurry sickness’ to ‘rushing women’s syndrome’, our M.O. of speeding through our tasks has been given multiple new monikers in recent years. And yet, name a more rewarding buzz than the one you get from being efficient. No matter ho...
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HNP Mental Health Toolkit
Three mental health must-haves Fall is, if nothing else, a time to pause, regroup, and reassess. As lush green leaves turn russet and crisp up, and as daylight hours truncate, getting clear on what’s going to nurture our wellbeing is vital. You ca...
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